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Cranes guinea

Company ‘BCC CRANES’ is activated in the area of heavy lifting and in the space of manufacture - construction of industrial buildings from 1960.Our mutiannual experience in combination with our specialized equipment it constitutes guarantee for the completion of each project.one of the most important cranes guinea ("grues guinee"). With telescope and lattice boom cranes of lifting up to 300 tons as well as special trailers up to 150 tons, we possess leading role in West Africa and Middle East

grues guinee

‘BCC’ continuously invests in equipments in order to expend its operation while guaranteeing its customers the best and the most cost effective service.our services are provided wherever required. ‘BCC’ cranes guinea ("grues guinee") operations are carried out with the highest safety and quality standards.These standards protect the safety of our employees and of the people present on site during operations. In additional our standards safeguard the equipments of both BCC cranes guinea ("grues guinee") and its clients.

Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional service based on safety and quality at fair and competitive market prices. We are committed to providing our exceptional professionalism and integrity in all aspects of our domain we have sustained our reputation for over 5 decades of operation,as the leaders of the markets in which we have operated. We value the importance of maintaining long term relationship with our employees,clients.to ensure our longevity we constituently improve our quality and grab every opportunity of growth in parallel to our strategy and mission.


New Products

Liebherr LTM 1200
Type:All Terrian Max lifting capacity:200 tons...
Liebherr LTM 1160
Type:All Terrian Max lifting capacity:160 tons...
Liebherr LTM 1120
Type:All Terrian Max lifting capacity:120 tons...

Guinea (Engl. Guinea) was the name of a British currency. It was the first British money gold coin to be minted mechanically in 1663. The original value was of a pound (sterling) ie twenty shillings, but the increases in the price of gold caused the increase in the value of the guinea, that all 'era came to thirty shillings. -in The name does not really intelligence official comes from Guinea, the African region from which it came initially most of the gold used to mint this coin. Even if the coin no longer exists, the term guinea survives in some environments, such as in horse racing, for the sum of one pound and five pence currency decimalizzata, corresponding to 21 shillings of the old pound. The guinea is also an engagement present widespread in India. "Guinea" (جنيه) is also the name in Arabic Egyptian currency of Egypt, the Egyptian pound

BCC CRANES possesses leading role in West Africa and Middle East in the crane and lift equipment field. It provides the construction industry with cranes and all needed equipment and machinery for transportation, drilling and excavation.BCC Cranes is working now in GUINEA and distbute its services to GUINEA area